The second leading sire of arabians of all time based on the total number of registered foals, a credit to their athleticism, conformation, and trainability in competition.

(Nureddin x Lalage by Gerwazy)

1975-2010 Bay
Stud Fee: private treaty (frozen semen)

In total, *Aladdinn sired 1211 progeny including 391 champions, 24 National Champions in performance and halter, and 71 National winners. Through 2009, *Aladdinn had 136 offspring who produced National winners. *Aladdinn stems from the Koheilan Haifi sire line, known for their great dispositions and ability to perform in classic athletic competition.








TR Sahara – 2011 Bay Mare

TR Alexis – 2000 Bay Mare

TR Aladdinn Angel – 1999 Bay Mare

*Aladdinn’s Tribute


Aladdinn is a bay stallion foaled in 1975, bred by Erik Erlandsson of Tomelila, Sweden, and imported by Lasma Arabians in 1978. *Aladdinn was 1978 Swedish National Champion, scoring higher than any other stallion in Swedish Arabian horse history.

*ALADDINN was the 1978 Swedish National Champion and 1979 US National Champion.  *ALADDINN is the 2nd leading sire of Arabians and *Bask is the 3rd leading sire, a credit to their athleticism, conformation, and trainability in competition. The Kuhailan Haifi sire line is well represented in America and this line is a superb cross on Naseem and Bairactar mares.

*Aladdinn was an instant success in America, being named the US National Champion Stallion in 1979! *Aladdinn stems from the Koheilan Haifi sire line, known for their great dispositions and ability to perform in classic athletic competition. The tail female line traces to Milordka.  Although his pedigree is primarily Polish, several countries are involved. *Aladdinn’s sire Nureddin is a Witraz son, out of Norma, whose sire was Hardy—the excellent race horse out of Gazella II. Lalage, the dam of *Aladdin was bred in England, by Gerwazy out of Lafirynda, whose parents were imported to England. *Aladdinn’s excellent breeding traces three lines to Gazella II, two to Miecznik and two to Ofir. *Aladdinn on the *Muscat and Nariadni mares is a tremendous outcross.


Kuhailan Haifi Sire Line.

This sire line originates from the desert import KUHAILAN HAIFI, imported by B. Zietarski to Gumniska, Poland in 1931. This sire line has had a tremendous impact on Polish breeding. KUHAILAN HAIFI only sired 14 foals and died early. One of his offspring was the celebrated Janow Podlaski bred colt OFIR in 1933, who later turned out to be the best sire in purebred Polish breeding after the first world war. Unfortunately, almost the entire progeny of OFIR at Janow perished in 1939, and of the seven foals by him which survived the holocaust, two later developed into most valuable broodmares—OFIRKA and WILGA of the GAZELLA dam line and ODALISKA out of KANKARA. Four colts became outstanding stallions: WITEZ II, WYRWIDAB, WIELKI SZLEM, and WITRAZ. WITEZ II was removed from Germany by US military authorities under the direction of General Patton to America where he founded a dynasty. WYRWIDAB made his mark as a stallion in Germany. WIELKI SZLEM is the sire of CZORT, who is the sire of US National Champion stallion EL PASO. In 1939, the German Army invaded Poland and 12 of the world’s greatest stallions along with a group of 42 mares were walked 1000 miles to Tersk from Janow in Poland. Among those 12 stallions was OFIR. OFIR began his stud career at Tersk in 1940 and was used there through 1947. The most valuable contribution to the Tersk Stud was his daughter MAMMONA, foaled in 1939. MAMMONA was one of the group who walked on the arduous trip from Poland to Tersk as the animals were being evacuated. MAMMONA can be traced in practically all of the pedigrees of the major Russian stallions in the US today. OFIR added a smooth structure with nice hindquarters and strong hind legs. WITRAZ was a compact horse and typical Kuhailan-Siglavi, he is the sire of 1964 US National Champion *BASK++, who is the 3rd leading stallion in Arabian horse history. *BASK++ made this sire line famous, producing not only elegant, beautiful halter horses, but also horses who could be outstanding athletes. WITRAZ also sired NUREDDIN who was imported to Sweden where he sired the invincible *ALADDINN.

From *BASK comes the outstanding stallion NEGATRAZ and his son MONOGRAMM. One can trace the foundation of Russian and Polish breeding that produced a horse like MONOGRAMM, who the Poles imported for a few years to Janow Podlaski stud to  reintroduce this great bloodline. From MONOGRAMM comes the 2006 colt named MONTRAZ, who is currently at Taylor Ranch and will soon be put into English Pleasure performance training to capitalize on his athleticism. MONTRAZ is out of *BANDOS daughter, so once again you see tried and true breeding combinations used to co-create excellence!



Once in a lifetime.

Standing in the presence of greatness is something that few people truly have the opportunity to do. I count myself someone truly blessed to have done so on multiple occasions. On the night of January 11th, 2010, I stood in the presence of greatness.

Some measure greatness by accomplishments, popularity, etc. And though, if these were the criteria for greatness, Aladdinn would still fill them. But all National Champions are not great. All sires of good foals are not great.

Greatness cannot fully be described, but you know it when you see it. I saw it in his eyes, nearly every day, for almost 13 years; as he walked to his pasture each morning, most especially his last summer, led by my 4 year old son; or, in his regal attitude at the 2005 Nationals, celebrating his 30th birthday. Yet, it all culminated in one night, one moment, as I held his head in my arms.

One in a lifetime, really is once in a lifetime. And there will never be another Aladdinn.

By Isaac Taylor