Arabian Horse Literacy Project

About Us

THE ARABIAN HORSE READING LITERACY PROJECT is an innovative, experiential learning program—Equine Assisted Learning. This program is committed to motivating children to want to read, enhancing their literacy skills and developing their confidence in reading. It is an amazing adventure for the children to enjoy the opportunity to read to the horses and experience the exhilaration and joy of spending time with these amazing non-judgmental teachers. “It is important to teach children to read, but we haven’t achieved anything if children know how to read … but don’t!”

The Purpose is to motivate children to discover the joys of reading and learning through the magic of contact with a live horse.

The Goal is to spark the imagination of children so they will want to read and enjoy their own sense of creativity as they escape into a world of adventure

To register for a session or for more information about the Literacy Project please contact

Jessica Taylor

How the Program Works


A live horse visits the school – The First Connection

  • After an informative discussion about horses and good books the children get to meet the horse, face-to-face.
  • They touch the horse and are then handed their book … connection made. The book is theirs to keep.
  • A large colour poster is left with each class and the challenge is made … practice reading to the 
    horse on the poster.

Students Visit the farm – The Second Connection

  • In groups, the ‘kids’ participate in a series of well organized activity centers.
  • At the conclusion of each activity, the ‘kids’ read to the horse at their station, one at a time.


Farm Visit – The First Connection

  • Students and parents visit the farm to meet the horses, receive their very own books to keep and see the farm.
  • The ‘kids’ then practice reading their books at home to prepare for the next farm visit.

Second Farm Visit – The Second Connection

  • Returning to the farm, the ‘kids’ participate in a series of well organized activity centers, in groups.
  • At the conclusion of each activity, the ‘kids’ read to the horse at their station, one at a time.


Designed to bring families together and support each other in working with the challenged reader(s) … children or adults. This program is a series of four separate sessions, reading to the horses and participating in various activities. The participants can be 1 child and 1 adult or 2 adults (parents or guardians) and as many children as are within the family (maximum of 4 “kids”). Ideal for the challenged reader, autistic child or child with learning disabilities.

The Books

Black Stallion


A shipwreck leaves young Alec stranded on a deserted island with a wild stallion. Dependent on each other for survival, boy and horse learn to trust and love each other as they establish an amazing friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Pulled to a desert island by a wild black stallion he has freed during a shipwreck at sea, then rescued by a southbound freighter, a seventeen-year old boy befriends the horse, trains him by night, and rides him to victory in a match race.

Grades 5 -6

The Black Stallion Returns

-Walter Farley

Grades 5 – 6


– Walter Farley

When a small boy graduates from his little pony to a big horse, the pony is sad until the time comes when he is able to do something the big horse cannot do.

Grades 1-2


– Walter Farley

Little Black, the pony, fails at the circus, but after his young master’s encouragement, returns to become a popular success.

Grades 1-2